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       "Sinawan" is a city of Tehsil Kot Adu,Distric Muzaffargarh in southwestern Punjab of Pakistan located on the bank of "Sindh River".It is also known as "Sananwan".It is part of "Saraiki Wasaib" and it is a very historic city.It has a population of "32131" according Union council Sinawan.It is more or less in the centre of the country and about 866km from Karachi,600km from Islamabad,80km from Multan,68km from D.G.khan,40km from Muzaffargarh,76km from Layyah,16km from Kot Adu and 32km from Taunsa Barrage."Sinawan" city being an historic and prosperous city,attracts tourists due to"Sindh River" and public gardens.

          The majority of Sinawan's residents are native speakers of the Saraiki language, though being situated in the province of punjab many people also know Punjabi and the national language,Urdu.The vast majority of the population is Muslim.English is widely understood among the educated.Sinawan is a prominent commercial and industrial city in the Punjab province,it is connected by road and rail with Lahore,Karachi,Multan,Rawalpindi,Islamabad, Quetta and Faislabad also by air from Multan Airport to all Pakistan airports.

Main Industries include:

  • Sheikho Sugar Mill
  • Fatima Sugar Mill
  • Kot Adu Power Company(KAPCO)
  • Lal-Peer Thermal Power Station
  • Pak Arab Oil Refinery(PARCO)  

      Beside these,Cotton factories;foundries;cotton,woolen and silk textile mills;flour,and oil mills are also located in this region.It is famous for its handicrafts (Kundar work) and cottage industries There is one Government Civil Hospital in the city.Sinawan is also an important agricultural area.Main Crops of the area include corn,cotton,rice,sugarcane,tobacco,wheat

            Besides these bajra,moong,mash,masoor and oil seed such as mustard and sun flower are also grown. Fruits such as mango, citrus, guavas and pomegranates are the main grown in the Sinawan City.Dates,jaman,pears,falsa and banana are also grown in minor quantities.One another local fruit which is called a bare.It is one of the main fruit grown in this region.Due to the floodings,the crops are now rare,especially cotton and wheat product affected by this flooding. So now majority of the agriculture lands are covered by sugarcane.People either sold these sugarcane to sugar mills or produce Jaghery from sugarcane.The area around the city is flat plain and is ideal for agriculture.There are many canals that providing water from nearby rivers.It is extremely hot in summer.


Geographical Information for Sinawan

Place name: Sinawan

Lattitude: 30" 19' 26" N

Longitude: 70" 59' 48"

Feature description: town

Area/State: Punjab

Population range of place: is under 1000

Country: Pakistan

Country ISO code: PK


Location of "Sinawan" in The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the world is plate 32 N6

The water treatment plant in"Sinawan"village,Punjab.Operated by the"Pakistan Red Cresent Society"and "IFRC",this plant produces up to 200,000 litres of drinkable water every day for people in 20 surrounding villages.